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United Inspectors Group

Home inspections can help you buy or sell a home with confidence. As trained professionals we’ll provide invaluable help to home buyers, sellers and current homeowners.

Buyers Inspection

In both new and older homes, the best way to ensure that you are well informed about a property is to have us give you a professional home inspection. We are trained to identify problem areas both small and large that may have been overlooked.

Sellers Inspection

United Inspectors Group

When selling your home it’s always prudent to have a home inspection. All homes have strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll help you identify them. The more you know about your home’s condition, the more prepared you will be for negotiations.

Homeowners Inspection

Many of our clients are not buying or selling at the moment, but want an assessment of their homes for future reference. We are happy to help, and can assist in your planning for repairs or replacement systems.

Partial Inspections

If you are concerned about one particular area or system, we can give you an independent assessment and recommend a course of action if needed.

How We Can Help You

Our inspections enable you to take control of your real estate transaction by helping you:

  • Get an overview of the
    home's condition
  • Identify potential problems
  • Anticipate possible repairs
  • Have confidence in
    your investment.